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SGNA adopted the very recent and modern curriculum, the end product - based -curriculum, which depends on the job description of the graduated end product i.e. Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Lab. Technicians, X - Ray Technicians… etc.

From these job descriptions we came up with the knowledge needed, skills to be mastered, attitude to be adopted and behavior expected. We obtained the German Curriculum which is adopted there and we modified it to be match our society's needs and keep at the same time up with the scientific approach of health care education.

We remain convinced that we need tough and sufficient hours for the professionals to be graduated. Therefore each semester is for 900 contact hours that makes us unique and unpreceded.

We obtained the recognition from the Saudi Council for Health Specialties, IB Medical Academy, Stuttgart and University of South Africa ( UNISA ).

Teaching and Learning Modalities:

We agreed from day one that teaching by feeding style is not appropriate for nowadays education, we have not prepared books and notes which are translated from other foreign books. However, we are trying to implement guided learning through giving few hand outs to students including the frame of the sessions only with some references and we leave the students to look and search by him / her self for the logic behind that. We are emphasizing the concept of a life - long learner who will stylize him / her self to explore, think and understand. The teaching hours are long and we are adopting the whole day study style.

The language of study is only English and when we felt that the students are weak in English we started parallel sessions of English teaching with the students to raise the standards.

To achieve all that, we have recruited 1st class qualified faculty and we equipped them with all the resources to create a good environment for teaching and learning. Even the assessment tool is very new and modern. We try to test the students' skills and the way of thinking through mini - projects, clinical quizzes, problem solving and practical abilities more than testing how much knowledge is there in the mind of students.

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